My Fantasy Football League

So for the previous 2 years I have been involved in a 12 team PPR redraft fantasy football league that plays for some serious money.   It is a long going established league with about 9-10 returning owners from year to year (2-3 new guys, which I will get into later).  

I won this leauge last year on the wings of Darren Sproles(traded for), Jimmy Graham (drafted in the 7th round) and believe it or not Tim Tebow(traded for).  I had drafted Jamaal Charles (down with an ACL in week 2), Peyton Hillis (very poor season), Josh Freeman(another poor season) and Santiono Holmes (also a poor season).  How the league played out was that after Charles when down I new I needed to get another running back and I was deep at WR so I traded Holmes for Sproles straight up to a Jets fan.  Traded Peyton Hillis and Freeman for Tebow and DeAngelo Williams.  The leauge owners were not happy about my win.

Coming into this seasons draft I put a lot of exceptation for myself to win this league again so I have been planning and mock drafting for almost 2 months now.   This past wednesday was our draft and I just wanted to recap my team and some of the other noteable picks.

  1. Ray Rice
  2. Darren Sproles
  3. Julio Jones
  4. Percy Harvin
  5. Steven Ridley
  6. Eric Decker
  7. Aaron Hernandez
  8. CJ Spiller
  9. Jay Cutler
  10. Ben Roethlisberger
  11. Shane Vereen
  12. Danny Amendola
  13. Jon Baldwin
  14. Seahawk DST
  15. Sidney Rice
  16. Matt Prater

Once the draft had started I knew that I was going to get huge value with almost ever one of my picks. 

The first round went like this…. Foster, Rice, Megatron, McCoy, Rodgers, Welker, Brady, CJ2k, MJD, Lynch, Forte, McFadden.    Pretty standard.  I picked 2nd overall and took Rice, but interestingly Welker picked 6th overall, all i had to say to the guy was “Thank you for the donation”.   He went on to say that he thinks Welker will be catching over 100 balls this year and go for 1200 yards with 4-6 touchdowns and while I respected those number I told him he could have picked welker up in the second round but he said he didnt want to wait….  

Round 2 was quite standard as except for someone picking Eli Manning with the 15th overall (ahead of newton and stafford), again….. “Thank you for the donation”.  I took Sproles with the 23rd overall because i believe that presented a lot of value at that spot and if I didn’t take him there I didn’t think I would get him after the next 2 picks since i knew player 1 was going to load up on running backs.  He picked Peterson and Roddy White.  

Round 3 comes along and Julio Jones is still there and I start jumping for joy.  I had planned on taking another running back there but no one was taking running backs early so i knew i could wait a round or 2 and grab someone in with high value later.    This pick is excatly what I like to stress when Im explaining to people that you have to let you draft come to you.   Sure you can go into the draft with a specific strategy saying im going to take these postions here but until you actually start to let the draft unfold you never know what will happen or who will fall to you.  I wanted a 3 running back for depth but Julio Jones I think will finish in the top 5 in WR this year and I had to have him.

Round 4 I saw Harvin on the board and had to have hime.  The picks in front of me i thought were g0ing to be WR, RB and had to grab the best avialable.  I projected Harvin as a low end WR 1 so with Jones a WR1 and Harvin also a WR1 i am stacked at that position.   Noteable pick in this round was Jonathan Stewart taking with the 40th overall pick, another pick i didn’t understand.  Peyton Manning taken with the 41st overall…. idk what these guys were doing.

Round 5 I needed to get a Running back so I took Steven Ridley.  He’s not a sexy pick but for a flex or bye week fill he would produce nicely. As for the running back “competition” that was happening in New England, I believe after last nights preseason game that competition is over…. Ridley has gone for 152 yards on 34 carries this preseason (4.5 yards per carry) and Vereen only is averaging 3.3 ypc.

Round 6 went with upside here and had to go with Eric Decker and after this sundays preseason game im happy with this choice.   Decker has been the most targeted receiver by Peyton since he has arrived in Denver and the both of them seem to have nice chemistry already.   In this round though was the worst pick in the draft….. I dont care what anyone has to say but if your going to take Alex Smith for your QB1 at least wait until round 13-15 to take him, not round 6.   I have no idea what this guy was thinking.

Round 7 couldn’t believe Aaron Hernandez was there still and had to scoop him up.  This is like THEE best value i received the whole draft.   Hernandez is a fantasy stud and in PPR is a fantasy football super stud.   Vernon davis, Witten, Finley, Gonzalez, Fred Davis….. did people forget about Hernandez, idk im just happy I got him where I got him.

Round 8 I took Spiller for the upside.  Then I saw that I needed QB.  I was waiting and waiting for QB because after the first 7 (rodgers, brees, brady, manning, stafford, newton, ryan) went no one was taking QBs then in the 7th when i took Spiller 4 more went and I was upset that i didn’t take one in the 7th but how could i pass up on Hernandez.

So in round 9-10 I went Cutler and Big Ben and decided it would be best just to play the match ups and hope for the best.  I typically dont wait this long to get a QB trying to grab someone in the 5-7 but with the value that was there I had to strike.   Its ok… I really like Cutler this year and think that he will have a nice season.  Yeah…. im not worried about it….

I took Shane Vareen after that to hedge my Ridley bet but Im sure I will be dropping him soon.  I have already dropped Amendola to pick up Russel Wilson from Seattle (hope he looks as good in the regular season as he did in the preseason).  Jon Baldwin I think has amazing talent and could be an amazing sleeper for me.  The Seahawks DST is a solid pick up as they will be an above average DST especially in that division.  

Then there is sleepy Sidney Rice…… When he played that season with Farve in 2009 he posted amazing numbers gong 83 rec for 1312 yards and 8 Tds, so I know he has the potiental.  If he can give me just 75% of that for like 60 rec 1000yards and 6td I would be thrilled!!!!!!!! But the issue is if he can stay healthy, already battling some leg issue though, it looks doubtful.

Thats my team.  I will give weekly updates about my squad show you the match ups and hopefully I can pull out another championship.    Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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